See what dRACKula™ can do for your datacenter.

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Take a look at a few features that dRACKula™ has to offer.

  • On-the-go rack management.

    Keep track of your datacenter on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.

  • Prototype new configurations.

    Allows you to design racks without being constricted to available live devices.

  • Create task list for rack updates.

    Compare your prototyped rack to a live rack and generate a changelog for efficient on-site updates.

  • Track user revisions.

    Keep an eye on who is changing what on your system with our user-friendly activity log, Audit Trail.

  • Control permission levels.

    Read-only access options allow you to provide live look-ins for executives without unwanted changes.

  • Device monitoring tools.

    Map external monitoring tools specific to each device.

  • Clone live racks.

    Create new prototypes based on existing racks to experiment with different configurations.

  • One-click view updates.

    Once you’ve updated your server racks, use Promote to Live to switch to your new view with one click.

  • Powerful reporting tools.

    Generate a detailed server rack overview and datacenter maps with valuable reports.

  • Simplify rollbacks with snapshots.

    Drackula can save your database and create a rack history to enable rollbacks when required.

Take the Tour

Watch a 3 minute tutorial on how to get started with dRACKula™